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The 10 Best Casual Games for Android

Casual-themed games are all those games that we can play for a few minutes, ideal to pass the time when we have free time. They are usually light games, with simple mechanics and generally quite addictive.

The best casual games for Android

These types of games work especially well on mobile devices, since it does not matter where we are: everything is a matter of taking the Smartphone out of your pocket to play a game. Next, we review some of the best casual games that we can currently find on Android.



Also known as the Numbers Game, Numberama is a logic game where we have to match numbers on a panel. To make a pair, the numbers must add up to ten (7 and 3, 1 and 9, etc.) or be identical (6 and 6, 4 and 4, 5 and 5, etc.).

As a casual game, it can be really attractive, since in addition to serving to train the mind, it is very rewarding. Recommended for both children and adults.


Pureya is the most recent game from Alva Mayo (it came out in March 2021), an indie video game developer who also has an excellent channel on YouTube , where we can also see how the game has been developed through the different videos. And with that said, what exactly is Pureya?

Basically we are facing a title with dozens and dozens of minigames that change every 10 seconds, all of them controlled only with two buttons. Like the rest of the author’s titles, it presents very neat pixel art graphics and a good soundtrack.

Rayman Adventures


One of the best mobile games that unfortunately has gone quite unnoticed, in the shadow of other similar games like Super Mario Run. Rayman Adventures is a great platform game for Android , a hilarious run and jump with a really high graphic level and beautiful to see.

Another advantage of this game is that in addition to being free, it also allows you to deactivate internal purchases from the settings menu. A title that many developers could learn from.

Tape it up!


To develop a good casual game you just need a clever idea, simple but addictive mechanics and a pleasant interface. As if this were not enough, if the music accompanies then you can already give it an honor roll and stay at ease. Well, Tape it up! Meets all conditions.


It is a game where we must go packing boxes on a conveyor belt. The boxes keep arriving, and sometimes we will run out of duct tape and have to use an octopus, a cat or whatever we have on hand to continue sealing packages. A free and very fun title with very kawaii graphics.

Fruit Ninja 2


In addition to being an excellent tool to measure the sensitivity of your touch screen, the “fruit ninja” was one of the first casual games that really took the first years of Android’s life by storm. Everyone who had a smartphone knew about the Fruit Ninja.

Years later we have seen how Half brick Studios has continued the saga with a sequel that keeps up with new mini games and challenges. Become a master chopping fruit and make sure your knife – or in other words, your index finger – is well sharpened. You are going to need it!

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator


Youtuber simulation game where we must try to become the biggest internet star and unseat PewDiePie himself. We are facing a 2.5D isometric game very similar to the Sims, with a very pleasant pixel art style.

Make videos, get views and subscribers to upgrade your equipment, buy furniture, pets and whatever it takes. Includes minigames, voice cuts from PewDiePie himself, and a captivating chiptune- style soundtrack.



Relaxing geometry game where we must throw a ball against the different objects that are shown on the screen. To pass the level the ball must bounce off all the objects. Simple as that.

The title has 50 levels, which get more complicated as we progress. A casual and minimalist game that will appeal to puzzle fans.

Reigns: Her Majesty


Can you imagine being the king or queen of a country and having to find a partner in a dating application? This is the original premise presented by Reigns: Her Majesty, a game with an RPG soul where we will have to accept or discard suitors with unexpected consequences.

Depending on the decisions we make, our character can even die. So that later they say that finding a partner is not a risky activity. The game works offline and includes high doses of black humor.

The Battle Cats

In this game we control an army of cats that will try to conquer the planet, destroying any army that gets in our way. A very easy to handle title, where the fights with the cats are controlled with a single gesture and we can even throw a cat bomb if we see that our enemies begin to get very fierce.


If you like cats, you like world domination and you are looking for a game to play a couple of quick games, do not lose sight of this title.

Two Dots

We finish our list of recommendations with Two Dots, a game where we must join dots and colours to go to the next level. We are facing a long game, one of those that never end: it has more than 3300 levels, so if you get the hang of it, you can spend weeks giving it a shot. Perfect for those moments when you don’t know what to do and are looking for a simple game to relax.

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